A Modern Bedroom in Easy Steps

Bedrooms are our retreat, a place for intimacy and sleep. Modern bedroom design is created to enhance these qualities. The following five steps will help you create a modern bedroom.

1: Furniture. This will probably be the most expensive step. Bedroom furniture is often minimalist in nature. In my opinion, the best modern furniture makes some compromises with comfort and tradition.  Dark colors and bare metals are popular, but may not work with all wall colors. Keep in mind that your furniture selection will be critical in setting the mood of the bedroom.

2: Wall Color. Painting the walls is more than a fun chore with your significant other, it also is important in the feel of your bedroom. While white and off-white are the most traditional colors, but don't be afraid of more bold colors.  Go ahead and do some major internet searches to find the perfect color.

Step 3: Bedding. In my mind, bedding is the most important part of the modern bedroom.  Why?  Because it not only adds a bit of flair to the bedroom, it also will affect how well you sleep, or not sleep.  I prefer down-filled comforters with solid colors.  Make sure the bedding color and walls compliment each other!

Step 4: Use space wisely.  The traditional paradigm is to stuff as much things as possible into the bedroom.  Night stands, desks, chairs, extra shelves, and so on.  While this has a real purpose, keep in mind that a more minimalist approach will result in a more contemporary looking bedroom.

Step 5: Final Steps. This is where your personality can really shine through.  Little knick-knacks and the like can really spruce up the living space.  Try to compromise between personalizing the space and keeping a minimalist look.

The internet is a great resource for looking for bedroom decorating ideas.  Search around!  You may be surprised on what you'll find.